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Prepare to be transported to another dimension with
Worldcatcher: A Young Adult Sci-Fi - the perfect blend of
heart-stopping action and heart-pounding romance
that will keep you on the edge of your seat!


Meet Ben, an average teenager whose world is turned upside down when he wakes up in a Los Angeles hospital with amnesia. Soon, he discovers that he's anything but ordinary - he's in the middle of a perilous situation with shadowy figures on his trail and a girl with PSI superpowers seeking his help. With determination as his only weapon, Ben teams up with new allies and embarks on a mind-bending interdimensional quest to uncover the truth about his past and unravel a cosmic conspiracy that threatens the very fabric of reality.

Can Ben uncover the truth and save the world?

Follow his journey as he navigates a world of intrigue and danger, filled with unexpected twists and turns that will leave you breathless.

The 5th Wave meets Divergent in this actionpacked

sciencefiction thriller. 

Worldcatcher - the main characters 

Ben -
The Boy from Nowhere
Lindsay - The Mother
Ann - The Little Sister
Chris - The Father
Chloe - The Girl Who Lost Everything
Ronejson - The Man from the Other Side
Herzman - The Puppet Master
Gorendrin - The Monster
Old Man - The Lord of Death
Carrage - The Super Killer
Ginny - The Redhead
Flores - The Battle-hardened Soldier
Brand - The Drill Captain
Kenzo - The Boy from Japan
Jen - The Girl Who Came from the Sky
Rui - The Boy Who Loved Yen
Wilson - The Mountain of a Men
Ebba - The Woman with a Gaze of Steel
Man with Black Hair - The Outlander

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